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Morocco is full of opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Take kite surfing lessons on the Atlantic coast, mountain biking in the High Atlas mountains, or spend a day shopping for carpets and antiques in Marrakech’s marvelous market!


Morocco is full of opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Take kite surfing lessons on the Atlantic coast, mountain biking in the High Atlas mountains, or spend a day shopping for carpets and antiques in Marrakech’s marvelous market!

Morocco offers activities for travelers of all ages and interests. From plains to mountains, to coasts and deserts, Morocco has such diverse landscape, ideal place for the adventure and relaxation. Check out the list of our favorite things below.


If you are looking for an action and like hiking (whether it is easy, medium or demanding, and short/long duration), then the Alpine Atlas Mountains are waiting. And, of course, you can always choose to climbs Toubkal, the highest peak on the high atlas. Staying overnight in Riad, in country house, in a tent, just like living in a Berber home, are all options.


Morocco is rated as one of the best kite surfing destinations in the world. The wind conditions of the Atlantic Ocean, warm summer waters, abundant sunshine throughout the year, and the Moroccan style of the Atlantic coast towns and villages makes it ideal destination for a kitesurfing. Agadir, Essaouira, Azemmur (South of Casablanca) provides excellent kite surfing conditions and land facilities. Sidi Kaouki (South of Essaouira) is one of the most charming and relaxing places, with excellent conditions throughout the year.


This activity needs to starts early in the morning in the cool air. For an example, flying over the lands, and villages of the Marrakech plains and Gibilet Mountains, you can enjoy vast panorama. Under the command of professional pilots, travel comfortable in the tranquility of the balloon basket and gain new pattern perspectives from the scenery and activities below.


This activity can be carried out almost anywhere in Morocco, from short trips that are just a breeze (for example, a route through the glorious Marrakech plain), to the foothills of the high-altitude atlas (for example, in Ami Forest area around Amazmiz) to moderately demanding trips to demanding multi-day trails in the higher valleys of the high-altitude atlas.


The Sahara Desert is great place to enjoy these activities. few acres of rooms and a wind will soon cover all the formed tracks, which are exciting way to experience the desert and its dunes.


In the order to experience the desert environment more quietly, the camel trek meets this requirement. The camel trek can lasts for short time, it can be used as way to climb the sand dunes to enjoy the sunset (or actually the sunrise), and/or it can takes day or two (or longer). You really want to be your own desert Shrouded in experience and a traditional lifestyle.


The bathhouse hammam is traditional clean steam, “a bathroom” that continuing to this day and is typical feature of many rural families. However, many modern high-end versions can be used as luxury saunas, which also include many optional features, such as various massages (from a head to a neck to a body) and the aroma and an herbal therapy. Pampering in this way may be for a gentle relaxation, or reward after few day of a traveling/hiking. Either way, the hammam experience is enjoyable and guaranteeing a relaxation.


The Medina area of many Moroccan towns is an old, often walled downtown area. Here is a bunch of narrow streets and alleys, a hive of activities, a feast of colors, sounds and smells. For example, in Marrakech, Jemma El Fna is the central area of the Medina, which is an open area where there are musicians, snake charmers, fortune tellers, henna painters, etc. every day. In the evening, an outdoor restaurant is opened to enjoy traditional Moroccan cuisine in a charming atmosphere.

The Souks (Souks) start from Jemma El Fna and are a maze of labyrinths where vendors sell their goods and bargain. When you have a willingness to buy, bargaining can be fun. In addition to the seller, there are many small workshops, woodworkers, metalworkers, shoe repairers, and tailors. It is very interesting to visit a traditional pharmacy to learn about herbs and spices and their culinary and medical uses.


The castle is a strong fortress, just like the castle, the main landlord lives in it. Most of them are now decayed, and because they were built with mud bricks, they have become dilapidated. Buildings with four corner high corner towers can be seen everywhere when traveling on the high atlas, such as the Eternal Long Valley of the Dades Valley.

An outstanding example of the fortifications surrounding Kasbah is Ait Benhaddou, which is located on the old camel train trade route between Ouarzazate and Marrakech. Now it has become a World Heritage Site. It is a well-preserved and exquisite castle. Wandering around in its buildings will give people a real sense of history and past life. Often used as a movie set (such as the “Gladiator” used with Russell Crowe), this is a Moroccan gem worth seeing.


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